Saturday, 16 March 2013

Milan San Remo - The Sprinters Classic

Going to be watching this classic with a few cycling mates as we hide from the wind and rain tomorrow PM. We are going out for a blast early so  will  be throughly windswept as we sit back  and envy those lucky enough to be riding in Italy.

These kind of races are for the samuri of the peleton, riders with incredible speed and bravery. The winner will not just be the strongest guy but the one whose nerve and instincts with take them across the line first. It is a race where the tension builds slowly, rising and rising until it explodes in  the last 500 metres, where one of the big beasts will have dealt the winning blow, a single final explosion of speed. The margins between winner and first loser are tiny. A few years back Cav took it by less than a tyres width. After a coulpe of hundred Km's of riding, it can come down to that.

Can't wait.

One of the joys of this sport is how the landscape and the history of each country shapes the racing, making each event distinct. The Burgs in the Ardennes, the cobbles of Flanders and northen France, the Strada Bianci. Each sets it one individual test.