Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tooley Street

I have been to London Bridge hundreds of times over the years. Today, walking from there down Tooley Street and then over Tower Bridge I was struck by how much has changed in my lifetime. I first went up there with my Dad and Brother when I was about 10, maybe younger. Big treat to visit HMS Belfast. That was one of the big holiday treats when I was that age. Up there with a trip to see the Dinosaurs at theNatural History Museum.
I remember Tooley Street vividly, grey skies and black brick walls, the torn remains of yellow posters in a desolate empty road. People weren't flocking there at a weekend then. That was before the  regeneration around the river. Now it is all glass towers and marble. Even the old is made to look new. People hurrying past cafe's and shops, or sitting outside in the spring sunshine. So different.