Friday, 28 September 2012

Fits the Kimmage

Paul Kimmage, author of the Rough Ride, it one of the finest sports writers and journalists. The market is ten a penny with ghost written autobiographies filled with what I believe Paul accurately described as bullshit and lies. He took a cold hard look at his sport and his career. His story was far from a romantic. What he did not know then was we would now view his era as an innocent golden age. In his day they made do with amphetamines. Around the corner was EPO. EPO worked.

Everyone with a passing interest in procycling will be aware of its problems with doping. Kimmage, a writer familiar with the true nature of the sport has been brave. When Armstrong was at his peak he was there  reminding the public and the sport of the darkness behind the curtain. For not going along with the party Kimmage was often vilified. The collapse of Lance Armstrong's defence, and the revelations of convicted dopers has shown that Kimmage was not far off the mark. One would expect that within the sport he would now be viewed with respect if not affection.

Sports governing bodies are thin skinned beasts. The UCI, over a decade failed to get any kind of grip on doping in the sport. From this distance they look like men terrified that the truth would slaughter the golden calf. But egos are  large, and maybe the perks are too big. So rather then acknowledge what they could have done better, and throw their resources into making a better future, they try to shoot the messenger. The link below tells the tale.

As a cyclist and cycling fan I want to express my anger and disappointment. From the action they are trying to take against Paul Kimmage the UCI have shown themselves to be incapable of recognising their own failings. To believe they are capable of putting their house in order is pure fantasy.