Saturday, 8 September 2012

Grant Google Schapps Spin

Grant Schapps was one of the more colourful Housing Ministers we have had, and while he did clearly seem to have a particular grudge against the social sector, many of his ideas were challenging and refreshing. He made a change from the usual array of empty suits who have filled that role over the last decade. So I find find the reports of his antics this week a bit disappointing.

Various websites linked in the press  to Grant Schapps have been black listed by Google for breach of their rules. His  efforts to  distance himself from the sharp practise of these companies makes pretty painful reading. The 'they are nothing to do with me since 2008' protestations are pretty weak when his Wife, Mother and Sister are actively involved.

He wrote self help books under the nom de plume, Michael Green. When challenged about profiles  making reference to 'Michael Green' being an MP he maintained that they were  merely out of date. And while his wife an others write under the name still, he does not.

None of this does much to improve the popular image of politicians. If he believes what these websites do are legitimate why not stand by them? If he does not, simply saying 'its not me, its my wife' is pretty damning.

I am sure he will have lots of fun as Party Chairman.